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Unlike what most people who start trading online think, profitably investing in binary options takes persistence, dedication and a lot of analysis. In many respects, it can be considered a full time job. This is why binary options managed accounts are so lucrative, they help you to save up on time and can return profits from day one, consistently.

With managed account services, you can take your trading to new heights. A managed account service is offered by an experienced professional trader who can oversee your funds and investment portfolio while you sit back and enjoy the rewards. Get free Access to the Binary Trading Club for a list of our best Managed Account Brokers

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What is a Managed Account?

Binary Option Managed Accounts

A managed account is essentially one that is owned by an individual investor but which is looked after by a seasoned and experienced professional money manager such as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). These accounts should not be confused with mutual funds in which an account is owned by numerous investors and are taken care of by an investment team.

Such services are provided to individual investors, small businesses as well as institutional clients and are some of the most advanced professional investment solutions that exist on the planet. Managed accounts attempt to provide their clients with meaningful investments based on realistic goals and risk management levels all of which are detailed by the CTA. These services can deal in currencies, stocks, commodities and indices depending on the trader’s preferences.

Advantages of a Managed Account

Opting for a managed account with a professional trader has its own perks; the most important of which is the confidence with which you can be assured that your money is being looked after by professional traders with a lot more than just guesswork behind it.

Another advantage is that each account that is opened is tailored to the needs of the individual investor. Unlike mutual funds, Managed Account customisation will allow you to lay down your exact requirements and risk / return thresholds.

Beware of False Promises!

We have all seen them, the fake client testimonials, the supposed monthly guaranteed returns. A managed account “professional” with promises that are too good to be true, and no one else to verify the performance with. Unlike most investment managers which have to disclose audited financial reports, Binary Options Managed Account providers are not beholden to the same standards. Our members have shared some unfortunate stories about Managed Account scammers who have colluded with brokers to show impressive returns. Then, upon a larger investment by the client, the provider loses all of the client’s money to the benefit of the broker and the provider.

This is why it can sometimes be hard to find the best managed options account. As most seasoned investor would tell you, any Managed Account service has to be properly vetted with solid due diligence undertaken. This is not something that can be done in an instant. Essentially, it requires a great amount of time to cut through the noise and truly find the best Managed Account solution.

Member Managed Account Services

The Binary Trading Club recommends only proven managed account services to its members. Whether you are looking for Binary Options only or Forex MAs, we can suggest a solution for you. Given our strong relationships in the broker community, we are able to refer members to accredited brokers with the best deals. We also monitor the account performance for all of our members to confirm regular performance criteria. Given the variety of MA providers that we cover, the Trading Club will have a solution for any account size. When it comes to the fee structure, they vary by provider but are generally a share of the profits gained on a trading account.

Once you have become a member of the Binary Trading Club, a Club official will reach out to you to confirm your requirements in terms of return objectives, risk preferences and trading experience. We will then refer you to verified traders in the industry

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